Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sneaks and a winner

I wish I had 13 prizes. Really I do. I *hate* disappointing the rest of you. sigh. But there can only be one winner and the lucky name drawn from the cereal bowl is:

Kirsty! Congrats girl! Email me: and I will get your prize to you.
Thanks for all the comments. I really thought I would only get a couple :)
Since you are here how about some sneaks from the Freehand Scraps May kit?

How appropriate...this yummy kit goes up for sale this Saturday, May 1, which also happens to be National Scrapbooking Day! Treat yourself to this kit. You won't be disappointed.
Have a beautiful, snake free day. I am off to construct 22 lion masks out of paper plates and crepe paper for Cubbies tonight. "Wild for Jesus". Not too cheesy for 4 year olds, right?


  1. Sneak peeks look awesome! Guess what we just found lurking in our garage-A SNAKE!!! Not as big as yours but scary nonetheless! I wrangled it with a shower curtain rod and have put it in a cooler for my hubby to find in the middle of our driveway when he pulls in from work-LOL! I may post a pic on my blog later. SHEESH!

  2. Love your sneak peeks! Looks like you did a fabulous job as always! :)

  3. Thank you!
    Love the sneaks, what beautiful colours!

  4. Ohhh. That embroidery looks gorgeous!

  5. 1. love your new punch! Bubbles right?
    2. Wild for Jesus, perfect
    3. I start bible study Monday!
    4. whatever is in the embroidery hoop, please send it to 1544 Sie.....I think I am in love and it will be my bday soon enough.

  6. And how was "Wild for Jesus" night?


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