Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The downside of teaching your kiddo to read...

Aven has been doing great reading and spelling words and trying to read books. We are super proud of him. But I am beginning to realize there is a downside. For instance, we can't spell words in front of him, unless they are long words, to keep him from understanding our conversation. Surely you moms know what I mean, right?
And then a few days ago while picking up his room he came across the instructions to put his track together on his train table. He looks at me and asks, "Mom didn't you say this train table was from santa."
uh oh.
"yes it was. why?"
"Then why do these instructions say Toys R Us on them?"

In other news, the Buzz and Bloom design team has been posting their favorite techniques over on the blog.

Be sure and check them out. Lots of ideas.

And about that snake..you all are too funny. Rory actually came across it slithering over our driveway. So what does he do? Puts it in a trash can to show the boys and I. Of course they thought it was super awesome and I ran to grab the camera. It could have been a black mamba for all I care--I hate snakes. I know this one is suppose to be "good" though. The kicker of the whole thing? We were going out after dinner to see it one last time.
I voted we kill it. I was outvoted.
But before we went out Aven came running in to tell us the snake was gone.
He said he had left the lid off to the trashcan...the trashcan sitting almost inside our garage.
Yet another reason to avoid cleaning out our garage ;)

There's still time to enter the 100th post giveaway below. I plan to draw the lucky name tomorrow. Have a great day!

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  1. ARGH! A snake on the lose! My hubby works for Parks and Wildlife here, and they had captured an Australian brown snake (really poisonous). One morning they went to get it out to release it, and it had escaped...YIKES!
    I hear ya on the not being able to spell thing too LOL I also wished I had never taught my kidlets to tell the time! LOL


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