Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Adventures in Thrifting

A new local thrift store recently opened and I finally had a chance to check it out, along with about 50 other shoppers, today while Aven was in preschool.

Paxton is not a fan, but I resisted his sock & shoe throwing antics.
It was worth it.

I came home with:

a dogwood(?) looking wall decoration, gold wall butterfly and some turquoise melmac bowls to house scraping embellies,

the coolest sheet I have seen in awhile, still in the original packaging and,

another hootie to add to my growing collection. He's my new favorite.

What we didn't come home with were socks or shoes on my shopping partner. Seeing as if it is a balmy 40 degrees outside I am sure the "bad mom of the year" police are about to knock on my door.
And when they do I might ask if they can watch the kids while I go take a bubble bath and eat bon-bons ;)


  1. You got some good finds there friend! Sorry to hear you lost Paxman's footgear, but you most definitely will never win the "Bad Mom of the Year Award!" ;)

  2. You're in luck. They found me first.


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