Thursday, February 18, 2010


I got a random letter from my scrap room that said this:


Yes a major cleaning is underway. I think it might take awhile..what do you think? I tend to hoard the stuff I love the most, and then never use if it will be mad if I use it "wrong". Silly.
No more.

So hold me to it, okay? Ask to see the "new and improved" scrap space.
But give me like a few weeks. ;)
And maybe I should do an RAK?
Or two...???

And check here for a REALLY good peek into March's Freehand Scraps kit. It is so lovely!


  1. Lex,
    That's the creative chaos I know and love! Best wishes on the Purgefest! Maybe I'll actually be motivated to purge my creative chaos!
    Take care you,

  2. WHOA! Wish I could be of some help but I have my own tornado hit scrap space. LOL

  3. I was just popping over to check your blog when Chloe walked past and saw the picture of your room she said "woah, that's a mess!" LOL! You'll have to forgive her blunt honesty!! :)

    Can't wait to see it when it's all beautified!

    Mine is pretty clean right now...meaning...I need to get in there and make my own mess. Gallery here I come! :)

    H LO

  4. Oh my! You weren't kidding when you told me it was a mess. :) You don't want to stifle your creativity so don't get that room too clean! ;)

  5. Geezz....and I thought your room was organized?! LOL LOL Have fun with that!

  6. I want you to post the "after" pictures.....when the purge is complete! LOL


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