Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Glitter hands

My hands are covered in glitter.

I would have a photo, but really, how would I do that..did I mention they are covered in glue too?

The wind is blowing and the wind chill for the next day or so might reach -20.

But good crafty weather...there's always a silver ling ;)

And because I have nothing profound to say, a layout.

Yes I realize I just scrapped this pic in my last post.
I reused it.
That's the great thing about scrapbooking...or at least my version of scrapbooking: make your own rules :)

Hope your craftiness is involving lots of glitter and glue :)
And warmer weather.


  1. Girl!! That l/o is SO "SWEET" Awe...UH!!! ;)
    I'll be scrappin today too with all the frigidity in the atmosphere! (Can you tell we've been HSing on the weather?-LOL)

  2. I totally scrap the same photos too. Most of the time on accident. ha

  3. cute lexi, love that fancy stitching

  4. Here's the thing about glitter, it gets everywhere. Doesn't want to wash off or vacuum well. What do we do? I thought about wearing gloves but they seem so restraining. At least glitter is something to look at. :)


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