Sunday, January 10, 2010

And now there is glitter on the mac :)

And it looks oh so pretty.

*May* have a little to project to share this week while I wait in anticipation to play with the Feb Freehand Scraps kit and an overseas package from Buzz and Bloom.

*May* even have a little tutorial to go with...would anyone want one?

Today was a heat wave...30 degrees. When we left to go to church this morning the actual temp was -4. So see, 30 was an improvement ;)

Two weeks from today I will have experienced my first day at CHA. Can hardly wait!! Anyone else going?

And because this is just one ramble after another...guess who has a peanut allergy?

Yep. Notice the hives around the mouth? They were also on his hands where he had touched the crackers. Poor little guy!

Here's to the beginning of a hive-free, heat wave filled, blessed week :)


  1. Ummm....yes, would love a tut!
    Ummm...sadly, no, I am not going to CHA :( but I have a very talented DF who will be attending.
    And so sorry the Littlest McDreamie has a p-nut allergy. Bummer dude!
    BTW-never thought of blinging up my iMac! Great idea! ;)

  2. love to see and learn about anything that you make Lexi! Have a great time at CHA-I wish I could join you-it is sooo much fun. Sorry to hear about the peanut allergy---hope it is a smooth transition for you all.

  3. Did you know Lill has a pnut allergy, too? :(
    yes please on the tutorial!


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