Sunday, October 11, 2009

You busy month you


The month we'll celebrate 10 years of marriage.
The month that our oldest turns 4.
The month of breaking out the scarves and getting my seasonal dose of pumpkin spice lattes.
The month we're in the middle of a messy kitchen remodel.
The month of making 70 wedding reception invites...
...and spelling the groom's name wrong. 
The month of super hero EVERYTHING.
The month of falling leaves, football, and decorating with my favorite color.

Hello, you crazy month you.
Glad to have you back.


  1. o gosh lexi, did you need to redo them?

  2. GREAT post! lol about spelling the name wrong. I once did the invited for a baby shower and put the WRONG address on the invite! I felt like SUCH A BUTT DOG! lol luckly it was my sister in law and not a paid thing lol

  3. I love October too! And the color orange-woohoo!

  4. Too cute girlie! Such the talent you are!

    I actually got out last week, shopping A-L-O-N-E and bought myself a few little numbers-LOL. MY DH was like "It's about time!"


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