Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I feel like I'm falling for Fall...

...any of you mommas out there watch Noggin? They have the cutest little jingles each season between cartoons and the one playing lately is "I feel like I'm falling for fall". I have it on constant replay in my head, which isn't such a bad thing because I do adore this season.

And I have a couple fallish layouts to share.

I played along with some prompts at Category Stories. I love how their challenges make you think outside the box and give you inspiration, much like a sketch. And if you are ever stuck on a title for a page, or what to write about, it's a perfect place to start.

'Tis the season for pumpkin spice lattes. And cool instant camera pics--that's always in season :) The prompt here was "pamper me" and as silly as it may sound getting a coffee from Starbucks is a simple way I can feel pampered. Anyone else get that excited feeling driving up to the drive-thru?? Anyone?

Had fun mixing textures on this one and trying to make it feel "cozy". That mug shaped chipboard is from Maya Road mini album.I just took out one page and covered in vintage text.

And if you must know, or don't already, I am a sucker for woodgrain. Woodgrain anything. I combined some woodgrain contact paper and some velvet woodgrain ribbon together. A perfect marriage if you ask me :)

Oh no she didn't scrap about her new orange coat.

Oh yes.
She did.

The prompt here was "As far as I can tell". I can see myself using that as a title sometime again because it's so versatile. I need to say how much I *LOVE* these papers by Amanda Johnson! The papers are a great thickness and perfect for misting on w/o warping. And the is seriously hard to cut them up, but I thought they went perfect with the coat ;)

Threw in my Anthro tag and the tissue paper they put in your bag is too awesome to throw away. So of course I stash it and after cutting some scallops stitched it on.

So what are you falling for lately?


  1. Wanna know what I think of these/ Well I am gonna tell you...
    I think the coat has moved into my "Lexi Favorite".
    Wonderful lexi loo.

  2. Ohhh man I adore it! Great job! You're making ME want to scrap with them again! :)

  3. These layouts are wonderful! Especially the coat one. Love the scalloped tissue paper!

  4. Lex, I posted a comment about this post in the wrong post-oops! Such a silly girl. It's located under your previous orange leafy post. ;)

  5. It's great to see how you used the tissue paper. What did we ever do with our sewing machines? Hoping that your jacket is my size :) Again, beautiful work Lexi admist all the craziness in your life right now. Happy Anniversary! Love you all.

  6. Happy Anniversary Lexi and Rory! xoxo Suz and her BEBZ

  7. i totally know those noggin jingles ;)

  8. I LOVE your style of scrapping!!!! So fun to use such bold colors and paper!!!


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