Friday, October 23, 2009

Around here we are busy...

leaf jumping

football throwing

rock collecting

colors changing

homemade caramel apple spice drink making

What's happing in your neck of the woods?


  1. cinnamon and cloves in the coffee grounds b4 brewing, crafting and sewing, watching recorded episodes of "the office" and "30Rock" after the kids go to bed thurs.nights, thankful we survived the flu with no doctor visits, watching Lion King every day as our new obsession--still gives me chills after all these years. that's life around here.

    loved your post!! nice mug!

  2. OMGOODNESS that carmel drink looks sooooooo good, could you please share !!!Seriously what is on the top of that? Your fall photos are beautiful I am hoping for a little sunshine so I can do the same!

  3. State tennis tourney, Packer football, Gator football, taking in the gorgeous fall colors, gearing up for a crazy corn maze run, pumpkin picking, costume making and spiced apple cider sipping. I think that's plenty for one weekend...ya think? ;)
    Can't wait to see more of the "Sneak Peak!"

  4. Missouri Republicans Women's Conference with my Repub daughter, wisdom teeth extraction yesterday for the 17 year on 20 and off 20, craigs list to clean out closets, bible study prep, no scissors in these hands this past week but gonna have to this week, preparing for MSU graduate, in-laws arriving the 12th, plenty of internet time :)

    Boys look so cute in the fall pictures. Your such a good mommy getting them out and then taking your camera too!


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