Friday, September 18, 2009

A week & new favorite

Has anyone else had a super crazy week? 

Seriously. I feel like I've lived 2 weeks worth...and it's just friday night!

Let's take wednesday as an example:

 Aven is back into his getting up early routine. so rise and shine at 530 a.m.

 wanting breakfast. He will starve and shrivel into nothing if he does not have breakfast this very moment.

 So breakfast for him...while I stand bleary-eyed and waiting for boy #2 to awake....and he does.


and fit throwing as I change the diaper because apparently he enjoys the pee-leaking thru getup he is sporting thank-you-very-much. 

breakfast #2 made. Apparently Aven isn't really that hungry after all and just wants to play. Pax doesn't care for eggs today so they end up on the floor. 

And we are dangerously low on milk because if there is ONE THING my children WILL consume it is milk. 

Decide to add that to the ever-growing grocery list and also decide today is the day I will tackle Wal-Mart with both boys (I do realize my folly in this line of thinking...and yet I continue with my plan to increase the gray hairs on my head). 

By the time everyone is dressed, teeth brushed, kitchen semi clean, eggs off the floor and kids loaded to do that doomed grocery store run it is 930a.m. 

Not bad I think. PLENTY of time. 

Mistake #125394845596045. 

Go to Wal-Mart. Silently, or not so silently whisper this is seriously THE LAST TIME I try to shop for food with 2 children in the car.

 and they are out of small juice boxes. And we need them because the most important thing in the world of 3 year olds is the day they are the snack leader. and that glorious day for Aven was thursday and HE MUST prevail with small juice boxes. Why Wal-Mart? Why must you do this to me? 

Check out and run to store #2. Get the juice boxes and a tall pumpkin spice latte (cheap therapy my friends!) and the boys are being good. 

And it's only 1130 so let's be a nice mommy and go to the park. 

The park really was fun--we were by ourselves and besides the creepiness I got at the thought of all the germs living and multiplying on the steps my youngest has decided to lick, I'm feeling pretty good. 

Time to go. 

Apparently I'm the only one wanting to go.

Finally get the kids loaded and back home. 

Carry in only the cold groceries because both boys are tired and hungry by now. 

Make 2 lunches. 

Get 2 boys down for naps and...freedom! Right?! Umm..not exactly...

Start doing some laundry and realize I haven't made my lunch yet. Do that and hurry and eat because I need to take a shower for the day...let's be honest...for the last 2 days. It's like a mini vacation for me. 

But first I need to run downstairs and respond to some emails. 30 minutes later I remember that I need to finish my bible study for that night's class..appropriately titled "victoriously frazzled!" (HA!!). 

Finish my 2 lessons and remember I need to check the mail because it might rain and I am suppose to get my next Freehand Scraps kit and the mail lady leaves boxes out by the mailbox in the street instead of the last mail lady who would bring them up to the door.

 Wonder what happened to the nice mail lady. 

Check the mail.
No kit. Bills-yuck. 

See that the vehicle hatch is still open with 6 more bags of food to carry in.

Unload the groceries and put away.

Remember the laundry I've forgot. 

Wasn't I suppose to be taking a shower? 

Get in the shower and there's Aven awake and asking for bubblegum. 

Start getting ready for church. 

Fix supper and coax boys into eating a little something because we need to hurry and leave and then I hear...a drip.



the dishwasher is leaking. 


and then today there was poop on the deck.
And I won't go into how it got there, but suffice to say it was NOT from wildlife.

I KNOW I'm not the only one with crazy days like that...right?!?

I have a new favorite layout to share:

I have always loved this saying! Maybe it's because I've always loved theatre/drama :) But when I got the new Sassafras Lass embellie prize and saw this picture of Paxton--soooo upset and distraught at the complete unfairness of his momma not allowing him to EAT DIRT!!!!!---well, I was inspired to scrap.

And scrap getting messy with ink and paint. And beautiful new products.

And trying a new layout size for me, which I LOVE.

And then I wanted to make a card for the sweet people at Sassafras thanking them for the ultimate box of goodies:

And then I decided to use a Jillibean Soup paper line that wasn't holiday-ish and turn it into a Christmasy card:

And then I got my Freehand Scraps October kit---and WHOA NELLY is it SAAAwEEeEt!

And then I remembered...God is good.
And LIFE is good. 
really, REALLY good.
even with poop on your deck.


  1. Sooo funny, I was reading it to Angie over the phone.

    And the poop? oh no he din't

  2. Ha ha love this---
    no time for putting away groceries, showering, feeding self,
    but hey--
    ck out this awesome layout i scrapped
    and some cards, too.

    Just proves--there's always time for our craft obsession!!

  3. Lex,
    So sorry your day was frazzled but me thinks brighter FHS Happy Mail Days are on the horizon for you! ;)

  4. HA Rebekah--so true :) I had created these last week or else I wouldn't have had anything crafty to show...just ramblings on my crazy day!

  5. Cute post! :) I definitely could have written one just like this...maybe except for the poop part. I have never found any random poo around the least yet!

    Hope your weekend is more relaxing!

  6. HA HA HA!!!!! Ok, this is freakin' hilarious......I can say this...I have NO KIDS!!!! But hey, you made it with the card!!!!

  7. Love this post girl, reading it I had visuals in my head. Esp of the pumpkin IS cheap therapy!! WE NEED it, its our lil prize. OK, so the drama/mama page you did was super presh, love the pic of meltdown. Got a Xmas card idea to share w you soon. Who ever said the day in the life of an at home mama was dull?? Walmart...sorry friend, you will go again w/your entire crew....we somehow just forget and do it again to ourselves;-)-amyb


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