Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gallery + Downtown

Hello August.

The gallery is up at Freehand Scraps. Loads of talent there. So cool to see how 6 people worked with the same products and created such a variety of projects!

"Go Go Go"

*journaling: "you like to say this while racing down the hall."

"Beauty Shop"

*journaling: "You're never too old to want to feel pretty."

"Just Fine"

*journaling: "I sometimes wish I could go back and tell the two of us that we'd be just fine."

"Don't Bug Me. I'm crafting." door hanger for the scrap room of course :)

"Home Sweet Home"

When I showed Rory this he said, "so you put keys on it?
And when I said yes he responded, "I'm afraid I will break it."
So it's back in the craft room :)

If you have any questions about the layouts/projects/techniques just ask. I would be happy to share! Be sure and get your "Happy Go Lucky" kit and be inspired!

Today I had some much needed solo time and headed downtown.
First stop--RVA

A feast for the eyes. Color and inspiration overload. Love it.

Purchased a few little items, including some vinyl stickers. Checked out Elsie's blog and since I had the same retro file holder I did this..

and then this.

Walked around a bit...

*where DID summer go?*

A bit of thrifting...

And finished it off with a healthy lunch.


I didn't have the boys with me so I COULD have gone somewhere besides Mickey D's...and yet I didn't. Hmm...interesting.

So what did you do this weekend?


  1. I'm loving the craftiness! They l/os are adorable but I especially love the home key holder and the bug door knob hanger. Your newest fleaing finds rock too-especially the Golden Book and gold/blue coasters(?)in the dish!
    Suz :)

  2. The "coasters" are actually old milk caps. I've never been able to find any so they were certainly a score for me! Who would have ever saved those things?! I'm glad they did though. Makes me wonder what I throw away now that I might would be cool to craft with in 30 years!

  3. Hi Lexi! Your gallery is so adorable. Welcome to the Freehand Team. Heidi is the best, isn't she??? RVA looks so cute and I love those vinyl stickers!


  4. Hi Lexi
    lucky you living so close to RVA! I am a huge Elsie fan and if ever I get to your part of the world that would be one of my first stops.
    I had to laugh about the Mikey D's though...I do the same thing, kidfree moments and still I go there..and I dont even like it that much lol.
    You are so crafty, love those layouts and keyholder and door sign..your so clever!

  5. Wait, are you driving around with that ketchup in your lap?!!
    Your layouts/projects are just fabulous, I enjoyed each one. I thought the journaling with your mom was quite touching...just enough.

  6. Hi Lexi!!! Forgive me, for I having been meaning to get on here for a good while now! Thank you so much for the Congrats! Really made me smile! :D And about redoing your blog, know that I am sooo not a techie person either, but I was able to do my blog easily in photoshop! Not that mine looks all that great, but if you ever need any help then don't hesitate to ask! But hopefully Amanda will have some time soon to help you out too! :D And yes! you are on my blog roll!! Ever since I saw your Just Be Me book for Lily Bee, I was hooked! Love your style to pieces! So inspiring, original and very creative!! Well this seems to be turning into a long comment. :P I ramble. And I change half a million dirty diapers too. I'll bet my husband could count on one hand the amount he has changed! Me, I passed that the second day after my daughter was born. :P

  7. Oh and by the way- Your Freehand Scraps projects rock!!!! :D

  8. Hey there girlie!! I'm in Atlanta GA on our way home from CHA!! We had a great time and we had an overwhelming positive response to my papers and products!! Your paper clip and owl mini album were photographed maybe 1,000 times!! Everyone loved them!! Thank you so much!!

    What a great day you had!! I have to get down to RVA soon!! I love Elsie and she is so inspiring!!
    Love your layouts and that door hang rocks!! Talk with you soon!! -Nikki

  9. Okay I see these now. Sooo pretty and I love that you're featuring your mom and me-maw. The "just wish I could go back and tell us both we'd be fine" choked me up. Seriously. Everything is soo, sooo creative and artsy!!

  10. Lexi,

    wonderful layouts and projects with lots of great details-love the first one with the reminds me of my little boy. I am looking forward to your gallery contributions each month. Glad you took some time for yourself to do some things that you love. God Bless You.... Holly Stork

  11. are a winner on the SASSAFRASS blog on the 1st of August in case you missed it! YEAH!

  12. he!! :D i love the file holder you made. aren't those the cutest?!
    thanks for coming to our store. hope i get to meet ya next time!

  13. Love all of the adorable projects you made! Congrats to you on the Freehand DT. I will be checking back for inspiration!

  14. Hey there!! I finally figured out how to post comments. :-) LOVE how the freehand scraps kit turned out. I adore the door hanger! I'm thinking I need to check out Red Velvet Art. XO

  15. Cute, cute, cute! We are SO going to RVA together! Thanks so much for sharing your gallery inspiration here...and for spreading the Freehand Scraps LOVE!


  16. what is that actually all about...

    Get More Details

  17. so awesome you live near RVA!! have a great weekend!


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