Friday, July 31, 2009


*I love those raisin toes!*

Yep. That's what we are doing here.
Soaking up summer as much as we can.

A little something to remind us of the fun we've had so far this summer.

Freehand Scraps August kits and gallery goes up tomorrow! Be sure and check it out.

Here's to another fun summery weekend!


  1. U know I'll b checking out FHS 4 sure! :)

  2. Lexi,
    I'm loving your profile picture! You look so cute along with your new project. The kits are adorable and you make them so fun and a must have! Keep on...keepin' on.

  3. this is very sweet. i love the presentation. good job!

  4. it's very sweet photo from you...

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