Sunday, July 19, 2009

When I got in the car this morning to go to church I was greeted by this sweet gesture...

It meant so much to me.

Friday was my cousin Natosha's 29th birthday--HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We grew up more like sisters and to this day remain close. This is the zoo..1980-something. I made this layout a few months ago, but it's one of my favorites. I love the whole vintage look from the photo and tried to carry it over with the clusters of products...some of which *might* be in the August Freehand Scraps kit...
I've said too much ;)


  1. Aweee...I'm guessing your DH put it there. Can't wait to see your new ride!

  2. What sweetness you have in your family! Is that a new coordinating coffee cup I spy too? When are we doing a road trip to train on the nav? So happy that you and the boys will be "On the Road Again". Sickness and car problems are behind you now...HEEELLLOOOO Summer!


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