Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I confess...


My name is Lexi.

And I have a Thickers addiction.

But I don't want a cure.

And I am developing an obsession with vintage ribbon...well most things vintage for that matter.

And I had Starbucks twice in one day...although a breakthrough did occur when I was offered it a third time and politely declined. (However if you drive-thru a local S'Bucks and ask for a "Lexi" they will, sadly, know what you are talking about...*sigh*)

What are you addicted to/obsessing over lately??


  1. Gosh who isnt addicted to thickers?!?! imo if you don't own thickers you've got issues!

    I must admit that I seem to be obsessed with distressing (at least it's cheap! lol)

  2. I am obsessed with scrapbook paper. I LOVE paper - have tons of paper and have to resist buying more paper. At least it is also a cheap addiction!!

    I sadly also have the Starbucks addiction. When we are driving down a certain road, my sweet 4 year old daughter will ask "are we getting you a drinkie (what my husband calls starbucks drinks that I get)?" It is a serious problem and I don't want to be cured of either one!! Hope you have a great day Lexi!

  3. well....I am obsessed wtih cropping!! Which in a way is bad, because I ALWAYS end up buying stuff to "go with" whatever I want to work on.....

    And the Thickers...mmm...YEAH...I have a whole tote full...and Chipboard...LOVE ITTTTT!!!!

  4. Okay Lexie, you are gonna have to sell me on the thickers...I am not a big fan...am I the only one with bad luck? I posted some sneaks on my blog and will link to yours when you post. Hope all is well and peaceful over there.

  5. another thicker lover raising hand over here :)

  6. I am addicted to jumbo strawberry Sno Biz. I had a good laff at your statement about being known for the Lexi at Starbucks, because more than once I have been wandering through a grocery store, etc., here in Springfield and been greeted by an apparent off-duty Sno Biz employee with a loud "Oh look, it's the jumbo strawberry lady!". Mortifying :-)


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