Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Saturday

My mema Betty. The yard sale queen. 

She had me meet her at her house at 630 a.m.
I was there 15 minutes early :)
(Perhaps we have the "thrill of the hunt" in common.)
And we were off to find the bargains.
And we SO did.

Nice to meet you mid-century modern chair that I love: love the color, love the legs and love the price-$10! When the lady selling it said, "Have a swivels too." I was sold. Load it up.

And you, sweet elusive white rainbow stripe camera that I needed for my polaroid collection, I have found you. And found you for 50 cents. Happy me :) 

A few books and game treasures later and we were done. But not without a beauty salon stop first.

You have to know that my mema Betty is NOT a camera lover like I am, but of course I brought it along and had to take some pics of her getting her hair done. I don't have a whole lot of photos of her and these pics are "technically" imperfect: bad lighting, bad angle, etc.
But to me...perfection. 
I love that even at her age it is important to her to have her hair done and feel girlie.

We finished our time with a stop at the former Maid Rite and ordered some "crumble burgers".

As we were driving to her house she said, "I haven't had that much fun in a long time. This has been one of my most favorite days. I will always remember this time we had."

And I will too.

And I have those beautiful, perfectly imperfect pictures to remind me.

It was a good day.

Back later this week with more craftiness.


  1. OOHhhhh...Lex! I'm SOOO happy you found your elusive white polaroid! And the rest of your treasures---they simply...ROCK!! But the best treasure of all? Your memories, photos and thoughts from the day with your Mema.

  2. Fun!

    So where's the former Maid Rite?

  3. Hey Betsy!
    You know when you live in a town and really don't know the street names...just the location? Ha! That's me! So the Maid Rite was *kinda* close to the high school, down from the square. I am seriously no help! But now it's known as "Dairy Princess" and the burgers are not called "maid rites", but "crumble burgers"...which doesn't sound too appealing, but let's not judge a book by it's cover :)

  4. These photos are great! What a perfect day!!


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