Monday, June 29, 2009

Cow Poop & a Layout

*quite the eye catching title, don't ya think?*

So awhile back we planted a garden, and it grew.

Especially the weeds.

-Notice the gun in the background? My cowboy watching out for never know :)

We used this pile of...cow poopy to help that process of growing along.

Almost $10 in cow poop. I seriously paid for poop?

Quite fashionable, no?

Today Aven and I were pulling said weeds and he came across a little pile of dirt packed together. He proceeded to dig a hole for it and then said, " Momma I'm gonna plant this cow poop so we can grow a cow poop tree and then have another garden."

Never a dull moment around here folks :) Love it.

And after all that poop talk a little something more pleasant--a layout to share...unless I've shared this before and if so...opps :)

Back in March it was this sweet boy's first time to write his name all by himself. A proud moment for the both of us!

Been busy working a secret project that I can't share quite yet...give me a month or so :)

Later this week--break out your Cracker Jacks! You following me..? No? Oh but you will.. :)


  1. Oohh Lex...I am SOOOO following you on the Cracker Jack thing. Can't wait to get to mine-LOL!

  2. Even in THAT outfit you are adorable. How do you do it???!! :)

  3. Oh my gosh, it is you!!!! I was here on your blog this past week, reading on and on and thinking ...I really like her!!!! Yea!!!!! okay laeaving in about 2 min for a 5 hour drive bye!!


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