Saturday, August 30, 2014

speaking of fall...

I get ridiculously excited when halloween candy comes out. I'm like an eight year old. Just ask my eight year old ;) Today we spotted s'mores flavored candy corn. Say what?! And mellow creme pumpkins, which is a fall MUST. Next will be pumpkin spice lattes and just generally all things pumpkin-y. We already had a faux thanksgiving while studying the pilgrims this week in homeschool and I'm pretty sure fall decor needs to start coming out in the house. Although I didn't get my traditional fall black mani this time, I did try a light grey, which I love. A good transition color I think.
Another season coming. Looking forward to what it may hold.

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  1. I am so not ready for fall. Trying to hang on to this last bit of what we did have of summer. Fall up here is SO short!! Winters are long, and keep getting longer. But that doesn't mean I don't like fall. I love most things pumpkin in the baked goods variety. Love the fall decor and all of the apple picking, etc. The colors... crunching leaves in the park while on walks. Now, if only it would stay relatively warm and no snow until December. High's in the low 30's with rain/snow mix in Oct. is not my idea of fall. LOL


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