Wednesday, August 27, 2014

feeling fall

I'm feeling fall.  The weather for the last few weeks has been at or near 100. Not complaining-- we have had a pretty great summer, weather-wise. But as September approaches and football season begins (yay!), I start scoping out the aisles for anything fall-ish or pumpkin flavored. And I start dreaming of skinnies and hats and oversized sweaters. Today, for one very brief moment, I threw on some booties. I'm not ready for summer to be over quite yet, but it doesn't stop me from pinning some fall fashion and autumn ideas on my pinterest boards. You craving fall yet?

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  1. I love fall.. apple picking, the color change and all things pumpkin. But fall here is short. The cold sets in in October nowadays. Gone are the days of trick or treating without full winter gear. Winters are long and the other three seasons are getting shorter. :(


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