Wednesday, July 23, 2014

let's organize together with Workspace!

If you follow me on instagram (lexibridges) you know this is not my desk. Or workspace. I'm what you might call organizationally challenged. Or just messy. Let's call it "creative chaos" to make myself feel better. In any case, I am super pumped for this class at Studio Calico!
Workspace is lead by friend Marcy and if you know her she is like the QUEEN of organization. I think even her planners have planners. Seriously--she's got it together. And she does it all in a cool way. The class is $15 and sign up ends July 31. There are 8 lessons (and bonus lessons) as well as a private message board, and several digital files to print to get your checklists checked and your labeling labeled and looking all organized & cute.
I need some other "creative chaos" people to join me in the classroom. We can hold each other's hand ;)
You can find more info about Workspace here.

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  1. Sounds like my kind of class. My room is a disaster. I haven't really been down there much since the beginning of April. Gasp! I think I am kind of in mourning... the loss of 2peas and Archiver's closing. I miss my scrappy places. I have to admit too, I just totally stalked your Instagram. You have such neat photos. Your boys' are so cute too. I love the photo of one of them in the cowboy hat, with his pistol in his holster and his rifle. It so reminds me of my 7 yr old.


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