Tuesday, July 29, 2014

homeschool prep

Kinda the only thing organized right now for our homeschool room is this old tool caddy turned writing/coloring station. Yikes. I need to get on it! I did finish the last order of books and we have already started math. So that's a start at least.
I started a discussion on the Studio Calico board....a homeschool mama (or dad) roll call of sorts. Just a message board post to get to connect with other families who homeschool and hey--we already know we have scrapbooking in common. Join in the discussion, ask a question, etc. Let's encourage each other on our homeschool journey this year!


  1. I am really considering homeschooling. I really need to research and want to know more about it. Just not a fan of the public schools anymore. Ben is going into 2nd grade this year. Brit will be a junior. Her, I would leave in school. But Ben, I am really considering it. Would love to know more about your experience with it, if you have time. theunruhsATsbcglobalDOTnet.

  2. Do you always start school so early in the year? Just curious. =)

    I finished the last order for our books today. I'm excited about the new year, but we won't be starting for a few weeks yet. I have so much still to do! At least, that is the way it feels.

    Wishing you a happy school year! Your writing/coloring station is awesome. We have one too, but I'm liking the well-loved look of yours. =)


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