Monday, December 16, 2013


I might need an intervention.
I'm a star addict. Like, I make something and just when I think it's finished my next thought is, "throw a star on it."

"Hello. My name is Lexi and I am a star addict."
"Hi Lexi."
Case in point: a random shot of my desk. I spy wood veneer stars (don't judge me on the 3 packs), gold rub on stars (gold is it's own beast we will deal with another day), plastic stars, a star on a mini album cover, and multiple layouts, all with multiple stars. Just out of this shot are star metal clips, star sequins and a star punch.

It's insanity.
I like it.

I put together a starsanity (oh, yes I did) list of my fave star products here.


  1. Me, too!!! I love them, and can't seem to get through the day without one or two somewhere. :)

  2. Hi! It's aimersc!! So excited to win!! My email is!!

    1. Hey Amy--I am trying to send you an email and it's not letting me. Do you have another way for me to contact you? Thanks!

  3. I'll put you in Star rehab with my bestest - she has a star problem as well. I admit I do feed that addiction on a regular basis so just call me an enabler :P

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  5. Hi!!! I am a big fan of stars as well!!!! Thank you so much for offering the Instagram giveaway of your desk clean-up. I am @kismet1990 and feel like Christmas just came early. Exciting!!! Happy Holidays!

    ~Stephanie stemik72 (at) gmail (dot)

  6. totally agree, what can be wrong with a festive star on everything, happy holidays to you and your family


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