Monday, December 9, 2013

project life: 2x2 style with printables

My latest project life video for Two Peas in a Bucket went up this past Saturday. This was a fun one. My focus was on using a 2x2 pocket size along with the exclusive printables. I had also been asked on the message board how to incorporate more of an event-type page, rather than a week. So I combined that in my spread as well.
This is a fun way to create a spread that is a little more unique in size, something different, as well as incorporate lots of photos & have it come together fast with the addition of ready to go sized printables.
How will I deal with the back of the page? Good question. There is no rule that says you have to do anything with it at all. Sounds crazy, but it's true. However, if you want to use the backside I would just leave the see-through spots. They will just remain see-through. This will take care of a few of your pockets. Then photos and paper/journaling/memorabilia will go in the other spots and done. Easy!
You can watch the video of how this all came together, as well as check out products used and a little more detail here.
Happy Monday! We are out for a snow day. Lots of snowballs and hot cocoa on the menu :)


  1. Loving those little squares. I'm doing a 2 x 2 little book and a 3 x 3 pocket book and both are fun to do! I love your touches of gold and the printables and love love the woodgrain - looks great!

  2. Love your video and these cute 2x2 pockets :)

  3. love the 2x2 size and the awesome colors!


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