Wednesday, November 20, 2013

gift card dressing

Confession: I am a terrible gift giver. It's true. I always default to gift cards. I mean, it seems super impersonal I know, but I love getting a gift card and assume everyone else does too. So much better to get what you want than smile through an awkward "thank you!" while in the back of your mind you are thinking..."who can I regift this to?"

Am I right?
What I lack in gift giving skills I try to make up in packaging. I found these rad little kraft with metallic dots pillow boxes, 3 for $1 at Target. Combine that with an endless supply of pink ribbon (ask me again why on earth I would own so much pink ribbon?) and you have a simple dressed up mini gift card box. You can leave it like that, sure, or you can go all crafty-like and add in some Basic Grey RSVP.
I added foam adhesive to some of the pieces to help them stick over the ribbon, as well as layer them. The garland makes a perfect addition to go under the ribbon and the "hooray" piece became a tag just buying punching a hole.

This line has the perfect party elements to it. And while the collection runs more on the girly side, which is harder for me to scrap with having boys, I think it has the perfect decorations to dress up a sad gift card box.
I mean, it looks way more happy. And hopefully when I give them, it distracts from the fact there is only a gift card inside. But there are also sequins inside. That's right...I added sequins. And confetti. So essentially I am giving them a mini party in a box AND a gift card.

RSVP for the win.


  1. These are adorable! I have to comment and say though, that you are NOT a terrible gift giver! I'm still in awe of the generous gift you sent me last year. :)

  2. Lexi - I am with you 100% I LOVE getting gift cards and assume the rest of the planet enjoys them too. ...psst, I just recently learned that might not be the case. However in those gorgeous boxes who wouldn't want them, Carole


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