Thursday, October 31, 2013

happy halloween

Tonight I get to hang out with michaelangelo and shedder (of ninja turtle fame, if you don't have school aged boys) and then tomorrow it will be November. How on earth is that possible?
Before I move on to thanksgiving and, dare I say, Christmas (I only whispered it) I thought I would share with layout. The photo was taken from m my phone and printed with my selphy printer. All products are from the Persimmon line by Basic Grey. The pumpkin is in place of the "o".
Do you have any of these stamp rollers? To change it up a bit I dabbed on ink and rolled it across an old dictionary page. Two things: 1. I feel like dictionary paper is like a neutral. I'm sure others would disagree, but it's like wearing leopard print. I feel like both are a neutral and can go with anything. Then again, maybe I wear leopard things too much. 2. I would open the book right up to a page that has "hermaphrodite" front and center and take the photo without realizing it until now. There you go.
These garland banners are great just as it. You can see that I used the circle ones, not strung across a page, but all jumbled up on the side. It mimics the garland in the photo. They are also great for cutting apart and using as accents, such as the little squirrel in the bottom right. It even looks already sewn down, even though all I did was stick some adhesive on the back. Another way to use the banner pieces: date flaps. See that angelic face? I needed to cover it up. (Did I mention I'm a genius at picking out appropriate dictionary pages?) So one of the flags is folded, stapled and date stamped. No one knows. Except you. And me.
Happy Halloween!


  1. Fun page, Lexi! I love that Persimmon line and that picture is so cute!! Great job :)

  2. Such a cute layout, love your stitching!

  3. I love the dictionary paper idea! Great layout.

  4. Love your Halloween page it's amazing :)

  5. This is a fun page! I agree that dictionary paper is a neutral. But I can't carry off leopard print at all! x


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