Friday, August 23, 2013

it's summertime, yo

Well, at least it was when I scrapped this. It seems now fall is on the horizon. My first post went up on the Basic Grey blog today. Yay! I loved playing around with the blueprint I was given. It's always nice to have a jumping off point. Plus, I love a tag so there's that.
I even threw in a Breaking Bad reference because my love of "yo" now knows no bounds. You can read the hows & whys to my interpretation here. If you happen to do this blueprint, link me up. I would love to see :)

Tomorrow I will have a new project life video up at Two Peas! It'll be here in this section. So if you are catching up on project life you can play it in the background and we can get crafty together.
Don't forget to enter to win a spot into this fab workshop in the post below.

Happy friday, yo.


  1. i love the tags here lexi! gorgeous page!

  2. you used lots of fun elements like the tags. very nice work lexi!

  3. Awesome pages! Love that light teal... I just (as of yesterday) saw Breaking Bad for the first time. I'm thoroughly disturbed, but intrigued enough to keep watching... yo.


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