Tuesday, February 12, 2013

the 5 minute effort

I'm normally one of those mamas who helps the kiddos make their valentines...but this year it's store bought ninjago and dinosaur pre-made cards for the win. And that is a-okay. The boys think their valentines are super cool so that is all that matters. Plus, their parities are tomorrow so one less thing to have to finish last minute.
But I had to use some fun supplies on something ;)
These bags are the perfect little holder for some chocolate hearts. A few pieces of My Mind's Eye decorative tape, a little typed label and done. Took about 5 minutes and I felt crafty. I think a few special teachers might appreciate the effort. (The 5 minute effort that is.) It would also make a great gift card holder. I should have thought of that. I'm sure they get sick of candy this time of year. That is my extend of craftiness for the day. Tuesdays are our busiest homeschool day and with the thought of potential (although not likely. boo!) snow...the boys are finding it hard to focus.

Me, too. I want snow!

I was asked in my last comments if I plan to share all my project life spreads. Yes! One week a month will be a start to finish video seen at Two Peas, but I always link from here as well. The other weeks I will just show the photos here. I have week 3 photographed and ready to go up, except it is on my mac that is currently in the shop :( Major sad face. It's not looking pretty. But as soon as that computer is back I'll share that week.

Keep your fingers crossed for snow ;)


  1. this is such a cute project lexi! i know that the teachers will appreciate it! yay for snow...we are sure wishing for a big snow...but so far only an inch or two.

  2. Thanks so much Lexi, can't wait to see your PL pages! No pressure or anything ;)

  3. Great idea...sooo cute!! xo Evie


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