Tuesday, January 29, 2013

kinda finished

We spent 10+ hours one day installing the ikea flooring to the new scrap/homeschool space so now we can say it is finished.
Finished in the building sense, not in the decorating, arranging sense.
FYI--the desk will never stay this clean.
I'm still trying to clear out the old room and set up the new space in a way that I think will work for all of us. It's tricky trying to figure out a space that functions both for homeschool and scrapping, but it's a fun process and we are working it out. If I ever get a spare minute (hahahaha) I'll actually hang some things on the wall. I'm planning a little video tour on the Two Peas blog in a month or so. Having a deadline will help make sure this space gets finished.
Thank you to all who commented to win a spot in the Journey into Card Making with Julie Campbell. 
Danielle (cococricketsmama) you are the winner! YAY! I'll pass your info along and get you access to the class. 
Hope you all are enjoying your week. Can't believe it's almost February!


  1. Oh, its realy coming along, almost finished, yay

  2. Oh, sorry, noo I mean it is finished, lol I misunderstood that you were still decorating.

  3. Looks great! We (and when I say we, I mean my hubby) just finished installing Ikea flooring in his home office too (think we're going to have to share the space - ha!). We went with the white-washed color. Really liking it! sassiescrapper


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