Wednesday, November 28, 2012

good morning from the dark side

When I showed sneaks of this layout on instagram (my user name is lexibridges if you want to follow me) I received comments like "pretty!" "gorgeous" and I just had to laugh because I knew it was a picture of Darth.
As in Vader. As in villian. 
My littlest has always loved to dress up and it usually starts early in the day. On this morning he walked in while I was making breakfast already good to go face the bad guys, or in this case, the good guys.

I like to deconstruct embellishments. There is no rule that says you have to leave them like they are, especially if something isn't working for you. I typically deconstruct banners and did that here with one from Crate Paper and one from Glitz. You can read the whole write up and see more photos here.
I think I am still stuffed from Thanksgiving. It was a nice break, but I am excited to get going with the Christmas side of things now. We already have the lights on the house, the tree up and most gifts bought. My goal is to have that all done by December 1st so we can really enjoy this holiday season. NO rushing through this year. Most years I have lots of ideas of things to do with the boys and never seem to get ahead enough to just ENJOY what a gift this time of year can be...if we let it. And too often I don't let it. Really trying to make this year different. 

Also thinking about a December mini album...which kinda scares me because I am a big failure on that sort of thing. Santa ordered me this and I think I need it early to help with the photo printing process. I'm thinking about setting up a little December mini making area and filming it..showing what products I will use, etc. That might be totally boring, but my thought is maybe if I actually say to you all I will complete it, I will complete it ;) We shall see. 
The winner of Amy Heller's newest workshop at Two Peas is: gleestormont. Yay! I'll pass your name to the powers that Pea ;)

I hope you are enjoying your week. December starts Saturday. Ahh! 


  1. I love how you stitched around the rays. My sewing is never straight enough (on paper). Oh and he is cute! lol


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