Thursday, October 4, 2012

a tiny bit organized

This past weekend I had a day to myself. That never happens.

And while I should have been cleaning out closets, organizing a drawer or something productive like that, I didn't. I did something for me that I can't do with the boys around.
I got out the drill and put together a new desk.
I organized a bit.
Hung up some shelves and arranged.
The rest of the room looks like a bomb went off, but this little's good. I haven't had a chance to sit and play with it much, but so far the desk is still white. I am not disillusioned thinking it will stay that way (I just might be the world's messiest scrapper), but the white was the cheapest option and so far I really like it.
Little touches of vintage here and there that make this space more "me" make me happy. Now all I need to do is get started on the new scrap room so I can take this all down and move it :)
Do you have a scrap space? Do you decorate it to make it more "you"?

This past week Studio Calico announced sign ups for their November class, Cut it Out. It's all about busting out your Silhouette machine and using it. Excited to be able to contribute.
Lots of PDF's full of info, cool exclusive cuts and printables, and a $10 download card to the silhouette online store. You can read all the info here.

This stamp has been restocked at Two Peas, along with some cool new wide washi. AND this new set was just released today.
Several images here to love. Excited to play with it.
Yay for the weekend almost being here! I think we should have a giveaway tomorrow to celebrate...


  1. Good for you! I have everything unpacked and pretty much in its place in the craft space. Now I just need to make inspiration board and get some things up on the walls. I LOVE now walking in to make a project and just going to where everything is and its done! Love the all white you are doing! I am so messy, I rarely see the top of my desk as well :) Question, what is your "board" made out of that you have writing of for your "to do"? I can't decide what to use...dry erase, chalkboard, etc.
    Mmm, spotted those enamael dots, love!

  2. Your space looks great, Lexi! I have a longer version of those shelves you're using for your spray inks (IKEA, right?) that I bought nearly a year ago and still haven't hung up! You may have just inspired me to get moving on that! :)

  3. Love your space Lexi! Love all the great vintage pieces you have mixed in! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I think your space is great. Seems like a "happy" place.

  5. Your space is looking fabulous and totally you Lex! :) :) :)

  6. Fabulous room! I must take second place for the world's messiest scrapper. I can't keep my clean at all. :)

  7. Love your tidy room! I like those stamps too super cool to the wishlist they go!

  8. I love that desk! I think I spend more time organizing my scraproom than I actually do scrapping, but that's okay because I enjoy doing it. I can rearrange things to be more efficient and even re-discover products that I forgot I had!

  9. I think I could give you a run for messiest scrapper lol, love your space I really need to organize mine :)

  10. Love your space. I have a similar desk in front of the window.

  11. Your space has a warm, inviting feel to it. Your desk resembles mine except mine is covered in a mess! I'm off to tidy it up.

  12. Love to see photos of your scrap space! I'm never under the illusion that they stay looking that good but a girl can dream right!! lol And oh my gosh that turquoise die for!! I want it!! Stacy H-W

  13. I love how it turned out!!


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