Monday, July 30, 2012

a mini mini

How on earth is it Monday already? Sigh. I can't believe it will be August this week. I'm feeling like it's crunch time to get in all the summer fun we can before school starts. Better hurry! 
Speaking of summer fun, how about a mini mini to document it?

On the October Afternoon blog I have a challenge for you to use journaling cards in a unexpected way. I turned my journaling cards into a mini album highlighting some of our outdoor summer fun. Woodland Park was the perfect collection for this. You can see it all here, as well as how my friend Becky took on the challenge.

And speaking of Becky, I get to visit her this week! It has been on the schedule for months now and I can. not. wait. I see some junking, picture taking and all around fun in my near future. Yay for things to look forward too! This will be my longest solo road trip. I'm actually kind of looking forward to it :) Any audiobooks you would recommend? 

Come back and visit the blog tomorrow...(there's a giveaway involved!). 
Enjoy your Monday! 


  1. super cute! i LOVE the flower washi!!

  2. love your project! i know how you feel about the end of summer...there are still so many things on our list for the summer, and yet, i'm already starting to think and prepare for homeschool stuff (blogged about it a bit today too!)

    hope you have a great visit with your girl time!!!

  3. Love this mini! Off to check it out properly on the OA blog!


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