Thursday, May 10, 2012

A little bit of this..

Monday Challenge (rub ons) on the October Afternoon blog
a little bit of that...
Thursday Sketch (chalkboard style) on the October Afternoon blog

and little bit more...
coming Monday on the OA blog. 

That's a lot of little somethings :)
Hope you are enjoying your week and hey! It's already the weekend. Yay! Enjoy it :)

(P.S.--If you know Hanna Long, send her my way. She's my winner posted below.)


  1. LOVE what you do Lex, it's always amazing && excited to see you blog again :] Using up some OA tonight, must go check out the new challenge!

  2. OMGOSH.... of course I'm totally new and inexperienced to this whole blog and the Webpage you design for: however can I just say: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the page you did. I love every page; but this one melted my heart. I love that making this page can also reflect my mother who was a seamstress. Thanks for sharing :) Becky Beck

  3. Your work is so amazing! I love your style so much! :D


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