Thursday, February 3, 2011

CHA and playing catch up

CHA is officially over---and all the photos of new goodies waiting to be released has my head spinning--in a good way! :D
I was fortunate to be able to design some projects for October Afternoon's booth at CHA. I don't think it would come as any surprise how much I adore their lines, and from what I gather they have released a few new products as well such as ...
Sprinklers, a spray ink (non-shimmery) mist in 4 basic colors as well as 3 colors that match each of the new lines. If you know me you know I rarely scrap without a bottle of mist, or 10!, ready to splatter on so I am super excited to see how these compare to the mists I already own.
 Miscellany,  like a packet of ephemera (buttons, ribbon, wild cards, chipboard shapes, etc.). I always like the variety of embellies
Four colors of Sticky Keys were released, which sound similar to the Mini Market stickers, but round in shape. I am a sucker for those mini stickers anyway.
And the rubber charms are back! I still have a package hoarded from one of OA's very first releases so I am glad to see these back in action :)

5 & Dime looks to me like a mash up of Thrift Shop and Modern Homemaker. Great for spring layouts, all things vintage-y and pics of Ethel:

Who is Ethel you ask? I have no clue! Ha!! I found some great vintage photos at a flea market and brought them home, knowing someday they would make their way onto a project..and so she did! Rory thought it was so funny that I just randomly scrapped a pic of a person I didn't know (much less that I had named her) and asked what would I do if someone saw it at CHA in California said, "hey--that's my great grandma!" I said, "Well then they should be disappointed that some cruel person in their family in Missouri sold her photo for 50 cents!" :D And I think she looks pretty there and really, she does love her flowers ;)

Another vintage pic I scrapped for the show using Modern Homemaker:

Don't those guys look like they are having fun? I think the honeycomb look will be a new trend (or at least a revisited one) in the scrapping world. These patterned paper hexagons were created using my Slice, rest in peace you crazy machine!!

And then my fav release, Rocket Age:

My boys, Aven in particular, are OBSESSED with space. We talk about it a lot during the day. As a matter of fact at dinner last night we were discussing random factoids about the planets, comets, black holes and dwarf planets. (are we nerds?) Anyway, I had mentioned to some friends I wish that a company would design a space themed line with a vintage spin.

This is totally what I had in my head! I do not say it lightly when I say I think this is my FAVORITE OA line to date. It just really fits my "momma to 2 boys" life right now and I know there will be lots that say it doesn't work for them, but I also just see it having great colors/patterns for summer, particularly 4th of July. I just love how this layout turned out--can't wait to recreate it for my own scrap album :)

I was also able to create a layout for the Crate Paper booth, who hit home runs with FOUR fantastic lines this time, as well as new embellies like ribbon, journaling tags and THE COOLEST BUTTONS EVER, but that project will show up on their blog at some point so I will wait to share until then ;D I will say I was able to scrap some photos I had been saving for sometime and the Toy Box line was the perfect opportunity!! There are still 2 lines of theirs I have yet to play with so I am excited to get those as well :)
And on the May Arts blog the other day I did a little gift bag re-do tutorial using FAB May Arts ribbon and Crate Paper scraps--

you can catch the full tutorial and more pics HERE. Do be sure and check out their blog and facebook page--I believe there is a giveaway going on right now with some fresh off the press ribbon!

Whoosh--busy post! Thanks for sticking with me :)
What a fun crafty time of the year---perfect for when you are snowed in because of a blizzard.
In Missouri.
For real.
Stay warm friends!!


  1. So jealous! Of the creating and the CHA'ing! ;) Maybe I'll see you this summer??

  2. And I just have to word verification was "gasolard" which just sounds totally nasty. Seriously. Gross. ;)

  3. love your pages...especially the hexagons :)

  4. Love your pages!! I can't wait to see more of the new stuff out!

  5. Lex,
    Yes, I love the new lines of OA and CP too! Grateful that we momma to boys have a good selection to choose from now!

  6. That is so funny about using pics from your thrift shop finds. I collect old time pictures of children with their dolls (I'm a doll collector) and have one that I'm fond of that came in an entire album with vintage cards and all. I often wonder why someone would let a whole decade of memories go? Sorry to say, I don't know Ethel either.

  7. OH these are great. I think its funny that you named the person in the pic. I think I would have done that too. Also, that space line by OA is perfect for little boys or 4th of July pics. I love the vintage space theme!

  8. Beautiful pages!!! I can't wait for all the new goodies!!

  9. That LO is just super cute! I LOVE it!

  10. boo tot he. translation: omgah i love it all and you're blowing my mind right now :)

  11. Where have I been...October Afternoon is amazing! I LOVE the rocket age, perfect for our little boys...who are not so little anymore. Am I missing something or cannot the "average joe" buy directly from October Afternoon? All I seen was for wholesalers? How does one amatuer scrapper buy some of their goodies? Thanks, Kary


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