Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Are you ready?

Up until now you have only spied peeks...

But tomorrow Crate Paper begins the full reveal of their newest collections! Yippee!
I have two of the four newest lines in my hot little hands and they have a serious WOW factor! If you dig a vintage, retro vibe to your scrapping products you will NOT be disappointed. Be sure to check out their blog tomorrow!

We are also gearing up for some much anticipated snow tomorrow. I love the feeling the night before a potential snow day, almost like a mini version of Christmas Eve to me :) There will be plenty of disappointment if we do not awake to a winter wonderland!! In any case, I have the infamous Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls ready and rising--which I think will taste quite lovely with a big glass of milk following a few runs with the sled ;D


  1. Girl-WHEN did you find time to make PW's rolls?!! Oh, and that reminds me- I need to share Suz's secret recipe of caramel pecans rolls! ;-) (They take much less time to make than PW's).
    Can't w8 for full reveals of CP tomorrow!

  2. I'm loving the Emmas Shoppe sneak peaks on the CP blog. Just perfect for my very own Emma!

  3. Cinnamon rolls and snow sound like a perfect day to me

  4. Love the new lines-beautiful!
    And I need to get on it and make those rolls-they look so yummy! Enjoy your snow day!

  5. Yummy Crate Paper!! Mmmmm... cinnamon rolls!

  6. Those cinn rolls are pretty stinkin good, I say worth the time...but then again I never made..just consumed:) xo arb


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