Wednesday, November 3, 2010

oh no he didn't

Oh yes he did.
yes, a completely germ infested, gross me out potty ring.
yes, stuck.
yes, this is what happens when I jump in the shower and leave him unattended FOR 5 MINUTES.
yes, I missed Bible study trying to pry it off.
yes, vaseline comes in handy in a situation like this.
and so does a good scrub down bath.
yes, he is a complete goof.
yes, I love this sweet kiddo.

never a dull moment in the land of motherhood!


  1. Hilarious (but not so fun while it was happening I'm sure)! And good you got a pic!

  2. wait, is that 3 posts in three days?
    love ya lexi.

  3. Yes, he's a goof and in good company with me! lol
    Hope tomorrow brings you an unremarkable showering experience!

  4. Absolutely hilarious! I laughed so hard when I saw this post! I know it wasn't funny while it was happening, but now that it's safely over, what a great story to tell when he's older!

  5. This is still terribly funny. My little girls were not quite "so creative". As a new thought, try liquid soap next is much easier to get off. I can't imagine the vaseline was any easier to remove.

  6. love this picture and yes the adventures in motherhood aren't for sissies!! So glad you documented this for us all. He is a cutie!

  7. I am laughing because I have been there, although I did not miss bible study. I have to say you need to do a page and then put in a quote about "A face only a Mother could love, a face only a scrap booker would take a picture of in a potty seat!"

  8. This is hilarious! My son (5) once flushed his buzz lightyear phone down the toilet while I was washing dishes...I went to the bathroom, flushed, and heard "buzz lightyear to star command!!". The joys of boys ;). Never a dull moment - but always fun (after the fact, of course)!!!

  9. I cant believe Im just now seeing this...awesome!arb


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