Monday, October 25, 2010

Busy bee...

..or busy pumpkin spice drinking momma as the case may be ;)

So far this month we have celebrated one special little guy's 5th birthday, as well as Rory and I's 11 year anniversary, a fun trip to the local pumpkin patch and lots of LIFE!!
But back to the anniversary talk for a minute...we bought a cake for my in-laws wedding anniversary to surprise them. The cake was beautiful, but whoever wrote on it misspelled anniversary! It read "Happy 40th Annverisary!" hee hee! It made for a good laugh and when I told them about it they refunded my money.

Back to the pumpkin patch...
Paxton declared this one his favorite.

A plan to get lost in the maze...
It was this or a scary dragon. We went mummy. Aven had never had his face painted and thought it was awesome!

Doing my best to soak up these beautiful fall days and these fast growing boys.

And maybe this week I will have some exciting news to share.
Maybe ;)

{And NO I am not pregnant}


  1. What a fun post (is that what u call it?) from you and Im so way totally jel of the pics you got, my boys are so worn out from me saying "look at mama" they wont even look at me w/camera in hand;) Soak this fall weather up sister thats right and glad u got a refund, lol.
    xo ab

  2. Your boys are beautiful. Love these photos, the mummy paint! So cute ms. Lexi!!

  3. Looks like you had a great time.

    Can't wait to hear your exciting news.

  4. Great pics!

    ~At least you're "thinking" about having another one ... ;O)

  5. Adorable, precious, fun fall pics of your Lil McDreamies!
    See you soon!

  6. love the pics my new friend! can't wait to hear about your good news ;) teehee!

  7. great pics! one time we ordered a cake that was supposed to say holy cow and it said holly cow!


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