Thursday, September 23, 2010

Feeling Fallish

Happy first official full day of Fall!
Pumpkins are currently gracing our front steps...

15 pumpkins to be exact.
I even made apple cinnamon muffins last night in anticipation of this morning :)
And as far as decorating goes,

I've started that as well.
Including some halloween treat cones.

You can see more pictures and instructions on the May Arts blog.  And don't forget--there is always a great contest going on at the May Arts blog and their facebook page as well.

So what fall craftiness have you been up to? I just love this time of year!


  1. Getting out fall decorations, getting ready for a concert (eek!), playing some tennis and trying to get rid of these darn fall allergies!
    Love the pumpkin pics! We have ourselves a gray/green (straw/hay???) colored one too! ;-)
    Love ya,

  2. I LOVE Fall!! :) And Fall decorations and everything that goes along w/it all!!

  3. LOVE pumpkins on the porch!!! And your cones are AWESOME!! Hoping to make some for myself!

  4. Hi Lexi! I'm an SC girl and I love your blog! Is there anyway you'd turn on your RSS feed in your blogspot options so that I can add your blog to my Google reader?

  5. Mmm those muffins sound delicious, wondering why I didnt get one in a ziplock last night;-) jk....fall is pretty delightful, on our walk this morning Ro insisted it was too windy....gotta break him in!

  6. LOVE fall decorating--not that I do it (in an apartment it's hard to find the space!) but I love seeing it done!

  7. That treat cone is totally fabulous, can't tell you how much I love that one!! Can't wait to see your Crate stuff !!! ;)

  8. It was super fun to run into you at Target today! Thanks for saying hi and sharing your son's story about your adorable hat. Sebastian is always surprising me with his thoughts and I need to remember to write more down for us all to laugh at when he's older.
    Anyway, after having a crummy morning it was a fun spot in the day. Take care!

  9. Just saw you on Crate, my dear! Congrats! Love your projects!

  10. you are on a roll, pumpkins are on my list! :)


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