Monday, August 30, 2010

S is for Sun, Star Wars and Satan

Yes this post has a theme: the letter S.

Sun: Every child in Aven's preschool class has been given a letter. They are making the classroom alphabet chart. He came home with a black sheet of construction paper and the assignment "S". After naming several "s" words he settled on SUN, mainly I think because he is so into the solar system lately.
We painted-


Glitter glued-

-Pax worked on the Earth ;)-

And Ta Da--SUN!!

He was super proud to take it today.

Paxton was proud too.

And then they had to smell it. I have no idea why!

Star Wars: So all this solar system talk leads me to Star Wars. I just finished watching Episodes 1-3 (I know..where have I been?!) and I am really intrigued! Oh Anakin--so misunderstood ;) Although I knew he would turn out to be Darth Vadar (just ruined it for you if you have been living under a rock), but I was still rooting for him to turn away from the enticement of the dark side. Really made me think of our world and the struggle against selfish desires...(hold on I'm going deep)...the love of power and greed...the pursuit of evil against our souls. Which leads me to the next "S"...

Satan: Our pastor often speaks profound thoughts that have my mind turning for several days after a sermon, but this week I can not get this idea out of my head:

"If satan gets to your children, make sure he has to walk over your knees to get them."

Am I praying, FERVENTLY, for the souls and lives of my boys? Is my desire for them to grow into Godly men stronger than the evil one's constant assault on their souls? That's a harrowing thought as a parent. We have SUCH a responsibility!

Anyway, that's our letter of the day friends. What would your letter of the day be?


  1. I'm hoping that my Tuesday is brought to you by the letter O for optimism, open mind, and _______.

    (I couldn't think of another meaningful O word.)

  2. I'll finish Barb's fill in the blank with...OCTOBER AFTERNOON! ;-)

    BTW-Should I be concerned that the cryptic giving for me to type in before making this comment was "hyper?"

  3. Love your comments today...and the fact that like my boys, yours like to create sans T-shirts! lol

  4. THAT is an AWESOME take on the letter S for his project!! I love that they like to create with you :) !
    Making me think today....
    And my letter for today would be "P"- for productive, pretty and paint- since I'm in between coats of paint in one of the bedrooms! :)
    I know- not very heavy- but if you had seen the before color...!

  5. Wow, I bet his teacher was SO impressed! HA! Nice to have an artist-mother! ;-) My projects, too, always blew the other kids out of the water. Tee hee. His sun is awesome!

    And I LOVE your boys' names! Just out of curiosity, where did you get Aven? That has been a favorite of mine for about ten years, and I don't think I even remember where I found it! LOL. :-)

  6. When they head to kindergarten--that's when the extra fervent prayers will begin.

    I love your sun, and your sons!

  7. Aww I will have to be a mooch and steal R's comment...loving the suns n sons too...

    Oh so true about us interceding on their wee little behalfs, noone will take it upon themselves like a parent parents are still heavy hearted for us in prayer, one of us in particular (not i).....these kids are our hearts walking around outside our bodies...always! xo arb

  8. Now I would be impressed to take that to school!

  9. Thank you for commenting on the OA blog! That was so much fun! I LOVE the Modern Homemaker line!
    I loved seeing your wreath at CHA. So beautiful!


  10. I saw this a few days ago but at work I couldn't comment, but seriously, how fantastic is that and what a brilliant idea in every sense of the word!

  11. Lexi, THANK GOD (literally!) that you are a praying mom --- wish there were more like you out there! It is a very un-sunshiney world sometimes... but God is so good!
    Your son's sun is adorable---what did his teacher say?
    BTW, thanks for your cute comment on my Halloween cards at May Arts! :-)


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