Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A New Adventure

Before preschool today the misters and I had a date.
A library date. A perfect 75 degree, sun shiney library date--yippee!

I think this was their first official time scanning all the books and wonders that the library has to offer.

And success! Aven found the book he was after...actually any book on space would do.

And Pax picked up the free magazine -- hee hee!! Not much of a book reader I guess ;)
We had some lunch and then headed to preschool. As I was driving Aven looked through his book several times, asking so many questions I didn't know, but am excited to discover the answers with him...and then:
A--"Momma, When I get to be an adult will I get to go to space?"
Me--"Only if you are an astronaut."
A--"Do they have houses in space?"
Me--"Not really. Only the International Space Station. It's kinda like a house I suppose."
A--"Well, when I get bigger first I'm going to have a son and then I'm going to be an astronaut. Ok?"
Melt my heart. That sounds like a fine plan to me.
But for now, I'm just going to hold on to that last few months of him being 4.

To infinity and beyond my friends!


  1. Pure and utter sweetness! Gotta luv them lil' boys!!

  2. Hooray for library dates!

    It's funny - I read a ton but hardly ever go to the library. I have a bad, bad book buying habit.

  3. So sweet! We LOVE to go to the library!!! :)

  4. That side profile of Aven--he looks so much like Rory there!

    I hope he is loving school.

  5. We love the library center, even ventured out to the christian county library w my 2 a few wks ago...we had success too;-) Love it Love it! Oh, and did you ck out their coffee shop and gift shop...also faves of mine! xo arb


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