Sunday, May 23, 2010

Look what she found!!

My mom and mema hit up some yard sales this past weekend. Look at what was found for me:

Eek! And the grand total? $15 for both. CRAZY. There is also another free one coming along with these two. I will add these to the one I already pound away on.
Because every house should have at least 4 vintage typewriters, no?


  1. One can never have enough vintage typewriters!! (Unless of course, you run out of shelving OR your DH is onto your stash of them! ;)

  2. Gorgeous!!!! My mum had one just like the one in the case when I was growing up. I wonder whatever happened to that . . . . . Muuuuuuum?

  3. Very very cool! 4 is probably just the right number...until you find another one that is ;)


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