Monday, May 17, 2010

How could something so good... so wrong? I have passed by this unassuming jar in the store on several occasions and just last week decided I needed to give it a try.
I should have just walked on by.
It is sin in a jar I tell you.
Wonderful, hazelnutty, chocolate loving sin.
Does anyone have any recipes using this stuff, because as you can see the recipe of the moment is sticking a spoon in the jar and lapping it up.
*NOTE: I didn't even take the time to put away the groceries in the background before digging in.

And in unrelated news a sneak of a layout you can see in full here:

This warmer weather is bringing out some great thrifting finds! I will share later this week :)


  1. Okay, seriously how can you just be discovering the love that is Nutella? I would have told you sooner had I known. The stuff is seriously delicious! Here is a recipe (unbelievably good):

  2. Lex, I became aware of Nutella my first year of undergrad. A girl on my dorm hall had some and raved about it. I decided to not even taste it as it looked wayyyy too yummy! So, therefore, I never crossed over to the Dark Side of temptation-LOL! But, so happy you are enjoying it! :) ( I may cross over to the "Dark Side" one day!)

  3. I make Becky Higgins' Nutella rolls all the time! Easy and sooo yummy! I have gotten my whole family hooked on them! In Europe they eat it on sandwiches...I do that too...with slices of bananas. Nothing better!


  4. yeah, my britty friends eat that on toast and I stay far far away from it, but skinny little you know whats like you can eat the whole jar in a sitting...that sounds bitter doesn't it? :)
    Enjoy my friend!

  5. Elliott loves his "chocolate sandwiches". We enjoy eating a half chocolate, half peanut butter sandwich.

  6. Apparently dipping pretzels in Nutella is yummy. I personally have only used Tiny Teddies, and they are GREAT! There is a yummy truffle type sweet you can make using its sinful goodness too :)

  7. umm, HELLO! nutella=complete and total calorie counting abandon. i despise and love it oh-so-much all at the same time! :D
    you need to spread some on a grahm-cracker, add a big marshmallow on top and then pop it in the microwave for 10'll never have another smore making bonfire again after trying it. :D

  8. Je viens de Découvrir Votre blog et JE suis en train d' admirer Vos Réas débris lorsqu'elle l Soudain JE découvre le pot Qui HNE sur ma table Tous Les Matins Verser le ;-) Petit Déjeuner
    Ici , en Belgique , dégustons UNO le choco Nutella sur Notre baguette tartine Notre unité ... Sur Étalle UNE Couche de beurre sur la douleur Notre PUIS recouvrons UNO de " choco "Comme appelons l' UNO ...
    Ma famille HNE accro et pot de l'ONU NE dure longtemps Très Jamais ! Ici , il fel Partie de la Liste hebdomadaire de cours quasi ... PEU des Nations Unies Comme le beurre de cacahuète Chez Vous JE Pene ;-)


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