Thursday, April 8, 2010

Do you remember...?

Back in the day my cousin and I would lay in her twin daybed together, in the dark, and play with this until we fell asleep...

Well, not this exact one. They have been updated to a flat screen, cordless version. Aven has rediscovered the retro coolness a Lite Brite offers. Plus, you can get Transformer screens so that is just plain awesome. I can't help but add a few pegs when he isn't looking ;)

And now a story I just have to share...
Today after preschool Aven was playing in the sandbox and came in telling me his toes needed a bath. I held him up to the sink and started washing off the sand, to which he said, "Mom you're just like Jesus! I remember that story from the Bible where he washed people's feet and you are doing it just like Him. Except I bet he didn't have a sink. He did it on the floor with a bowl."
I just love that boy.


  1. I had a Lite Brite when I was a little girl, too. Loved it!

    Your little guy is so precious! What an absolute blessing!

  2. Awe....Lex! What a sweet boy you have there! And such a good Mama too!
    Thanks for bringin' back the memories of my Lite Brite. It was one of my favs as a kiddo! Have a beautiful day CU at CS!!!

    BTW-That double honk honk you may have heard while driving yesterday on your way home( your usual route) was me! :)


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