Saturday, March 20, 2010 tease

I don't get it Spring.
Really I don't.
You were wonderful 2 days this past week in all your sunshiney glory.
But you have let us down.
Last night it snowed. Yep, snow.
Have I not made you feel loved? Welcome even?
We put cheery pinwheels in our urns to greet you.

There is a pretty vase of yellow tulips and pinwheels as you come in.

I even hung a banner welcoming your arrival.

Just a day ago we celebrated your anticipated warm weather by eating strawberry shortcakes. (ok, we would have done that any way, with or without you.)
And so today, no sun. No playing outside. No putting away the winter coats. In fact, we are actually still sick around here.
But I will cut you some slack.
Maybe you need the weekend to work out the kinks with Winter.
I did just receive my cheerful April Freehand Scraps kit to keep me occupied and was excited to see a card I recently made featured here.
But come Monday, I will be expecting some sunshine.


  1. ridiculous weather i know! 65 by tuesday though (fingers crossed)! Feel better soon!! :)

  2. Lex, I am soooo feeling you girl! Spring, where or where art thou?
    Looking forward to catching up with you soon.

  3. goodness lexi it is only march 24 and you already have 8 posts!!!


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