Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Right Now...

Right now I am drinking a big mug full of homemade hot chocolate while listening to Matt Nathanson.

Right now I am purging this scrap room. Yes--it is ON my friends! And the results of this purge will end up at Scrap Nook for their indoor scrap garage sale this friday and saturday. If you are looking for a good deal, head there.

Right now I am wondering how my babies got so big.

And right now I have a blog post over at Buzz and Bloom. Let me know what you think.
What are you doing right now?


  1. Getting ready to shut down the Mac for the night. Feeling thankful for a good book to read and a good friend who just made my day much brighter with a sweet comment on my blog.


    p.s. left a comment on the buzz/bloom post, too. Wowza!!! good for you, lexi!

  2. Cute mug!! ;) Can't wait to see the big scrappin space reveal!!

  3. 1.your boys are beautiful
    2.that room does not look less messy
    3.heading over to buzz and bloom

  4. Love the mug...it's very "you!" I just put the kiddos to bed and got told by Tanner that I smell "just like the petal on a flower" and so I am soaking in the love right now. Cherishing every single moment of this mommyhood adventure. Those are some very cute boys you have there! :)


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