Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm just not ready

I'm just not ready for you to be 2.

2 years ago I was wondering if you would have any hair and if so, what color it would be.
Today I held your hand as we walked out of Cookie Cutters with a red balloon.

2 years ago I was busily washing bottles and getting pacifiers ready.
Today you said, "milkos peas momma" and held out your Lightening McQueen cup.

2 years ago I remember stock piling newborn diapers.
Today you said," poopy momma" and raced down the hall to the bathroom.

2 years ago I was washing all your tiny clothes in baby detergent.
It's been several months since I ran out of it. And your clothes aren't so tiny anymore.

2 years ago I was packing your diaper bag for the hospital.
Today you wear a mini Diego backpack. The diaper bag is gone.

2 years ago I had no idea how much more love a momma's heart could possibly hold.

And then I held you in my arms.
And my heart burst into a million pieces of happiness and love.

I have never been the same as I was 2 years ago.
And for that I am incredibly grateful.

What an amazing gift God has be able to witness your life and to be called your momma.

And I look forward to observing and shaping the little boy you are growing into...
but it's going to fast.

And I'm just not ready.


  1. Such a big, big boy with a bright future!!

  2. Happy Birthday Lil McDreamie! You'll do your Momma proud!

  3. He's beautiful! Or should I say handsome? Happy Birthday to you Paxton!! Love your post Lexi!


  4. So, so sweet. I say that now as my baby boy is approaching 9! It flies, it flies. Bittersweet. Love that tshirt he's wearing, BTW :)

  5. What a sweet post to Mr P who is now two, he will love reading this someday....


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