Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So many reasons to smile this week.

Connecting with the ball, no "t" involved.

Sweet Mr. McSmiley...what? don't swing the first week of August in your Christmas p.j.'s?

Popsicle breaks.

Sweet mail from a new friend.
And then today...this.

His preschool orientation. He couldn't wait. You would have thought today was his birthday and the gifts were school supplies. He had a death grip on these new treasures!

When I saw this picture...*sigh*. Mommas, watch out--I'm afraid he might be breaking some little girl's heart someday. Seeing him look so big certainly is breaking mine.


  1. ahh, your boys are just beautiful. Funny, Lily has been rockin' the Christmas Minnie Mouse pjs for a while now. I didn't even think to snap a pic of the fabby package of goods that you sent my way! Darn, I already put most of it away!

  2. Sigh....the end of summer in the pics of your Lil McDreamies capturing the last few days of it!

  3. To answer your question about the Xmas pjs?
    Every day.

    So often I relate completely to your posts. Is this why we became so close in the first place?!

    Preschool. Wow. Our little loves are growing up, aren't they?

  4. making me want a pop-cicle!! Mmmm.....Yes he will break hearts w/that look. I can only imagine how mine will break when its my own. Love love love your little own mini!! You go girl!

  5. OK the above comment came from me, amybrake;-) cant figure out how else to do it...doh!!

  6. The card is great. Mika (


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