Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pun anyone?

There's a challenge over on the October Afternoon blog--create a card using a pun. Perfect time to break out the newest Road Map goodies I have been hoarding and make something!

(also a perfect time to break out the high school english book and remember what a pun is! ha! Just kidding Mrs. Montgomery )

*You Are A Trip* card. All supplies are October Afternoon, except for the woodgrain paper and buttons. Had fun stitching on this and punching out the little road signs. Broke out my travel design card on the Slice for the loaded down car...yep. Looks like some road trips I've been on! :)
Does anyone really say "you are a trip" anymore? I doubt it.

Anyone going on any fun trips soon? Thinking I'm taking a trip to bed. Night.


  1. Wayyyyy cute my friend! I 'm going on a fun road trip this weekend with a few of my Ya-Ya's!! Woohooo!!!!

  2. Hey! Did you see you got special mention???!!

  3. did you win the contest at the nook? Im behind...your non bloggie friend, amyb;-) YOu know I love ya though..so sorry to hear about your hs friend, how sad~!! Looove the pics of P with worm, too cute girl. lets go scrappin again soon OK? Im in route home from long trip to see grands in al...great trip, still lovin the dvd player...thx.


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