Sunday, August 30, 2009


The last pics of my September gallery for Freehand Scraps has been sent off...and I still have scraps left to play with...and 2 full sheets of cardstock! That's after I've altered 2 projects, made 3 layouts, 1 card and a mini album! Samantha posted some sneaks on her blog you might wanna check out. And don't forget about the full reveal September 1st!
And totally irrelevant to any scrappiness..just felt the need to post a pic of P and his first encounter with a worm...

A love/hate relationship as you can tell! You know these will be getting scrapped ;)
Have a great sunday~


  1. hi Lexi!
    I just wanted to drop by & thank you for the sweet words over on my blog & also for the prayers with the Clomid coming up! so thoughtful of you! i am really excited & hopeful :) your boys are so handsome! what blessings! & i am so glad you left that comment on my blog because your work is wonderful! i added you in my bookmarks! :) blessings to you & thank you so much again!

  2. thinks lil P isn't quite sure what to think of the wet, crawling critter-LOL TFS!

  3. That expression is too amazing!!

    Sorry about your friend, Lex.

  4. Fantastic little series of photos, love the pjs, he is soo cute! Worms ! Lookingind forward to seeing what fun things you made!


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