Saturday, July 11, 2009

Getting back to normal.... least as normal as it gets around here!
That hospital visit seems like a bad dream and I am SO THANKFUL we are on this end of it!
It's amazing-- I went from Cloud 10, to spending 4 days in the hospital with my baby, and then some happy news...
I was emailed from a team member of magazine who saw a layout I had created in my gallery at 2Peas and asked if they could publish it in their September issue. Let me think on that....yes! So I was sent this snazzy image to put in place of the picture of my layout. Fun news to receive...much better than your baby has bilateral pneumonia :)

Hope to get crafty this week. Looking SO FORWARD to receiving my first Freehand Scraps kit!! 

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  1. You've not shared this little bit of "surprise" with us? Tell me more. Love your blog and you too!


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