Thursday, June 18, 2009

You say Trash. I say Treasure :)

To the gods of thrifting...

thank you.

You made this day fun, even with a little guy who had been up since 5a.m.

Thank you for the glassware I usually overlook. One blue dish will hold scrap embellies and I think the other will make a nice jewerly dish. Who would sell a quilt block for $1? Whoever you are, THANK you too.

And the thermos-perfect for Aven's camping themed room-$1.50.

And the cups. My favorite color is orange. And I love woodgrain. And they were $1. Enough said.

And then the games. You sweet booth full of old games! At 20% off! 

Lots of bingo cards and old wooden dominos. Thank you booth, no, thank you...

Cliff Thomspon :)

(I am wondering how much of a kick our neighbor got out of watching me haul this stuff into the house, then back outside for a photo session!, and then back inside the house...? Give 'em something to talk about.)'s been  a fun day...


  1. Lex! I had sooo much fun "fleaing" with you the other day! We make quite the pair scoping out the good finds!

    Love that you too have a blog now and what you have done with it! Can't wait to scrap and "flea" with you again soon!

    BTW-Major congrats for the props you received from Nikki S. Woohoo!!!!


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