Wednesday, June 10, 2009

creative messes

please tell me creative people are messy....


Maybe I'm just more creative around a crafty mess. Or maybe every time I try and start a project there are 2 sweet boys that need me RIGHT THEN and I have to leave my creative mess behind. It's worth it though...the mess and the boys, of course :)

So let's switch from a mess to something nice and tidy.

The pantry.
Yes. It has been this organized for a week.
My mom is sitting there at her computer in shock that I would share the creative mess picture... and now her jaw has dropped at the site of a clutter-free pantry that is now residing in my kitchen.
But let's take note of something, shall we?
Let me point you in the direction of the bottom shelf...far left side.
Here's a closer view.

9 bottles of BBQ sauce.


And this is not all my friends. 
I opened up the fridge.

7 more.

16. SIXTEEN, bottles of BBQ sauce.


To which I asked R, "Is there a reason that one might need 16 bottles of BBQ sauce?"

I knew his answer before it left his mouth...
"You like my BBQ, don't you?"

Yes. Yes I do. And if it takes 16 bottles (different kinds mind you!) of BBQ sauce to make that delicious goodness that you smoke on the green egg, well, I suppose I am ok with that.

But seriously.


Back tomorrow with  a few layouts to share.


  1. It is true! We are messy! hee hee

  2. Lol... men.

    And the messy craft table?.... GUILTY.


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